Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Ye are the light of the world.
A city set on a hill cannot be hidden...
In the same way, let your light so shine before others,
so that they may see your good works
 and give glory to your Father who is in Heaven."
Matthew 5 14,15.

What kind of light is your life giving today? Is your life a beakon showing forth the glory of our Lord? What will people remember of you today? Did your words encourage another? Did your heart for others show in how you responded to an unexpected visit or call? Did your children sense God's love through you in your response to their childish ways? Did your husband feel your love for him as you took time from your busy schedule to make time for him?
All these and many more are ways we are to let our light shine...NOT so that we get the glory but that our Father in Heaven receives the glory. We are the only light that many may shine until Jesus comes. Be that beacon of light like a lighthouse that brings others to the Lord.
Today would have been the birthday of a very dear friend of mine. God, in His infinite mercy, took her home to heaven this year. I dearly miss a special friend that God unexpectedly brought into my life over 15 years ago. God knows what each of us needs and often gives us more than we could ever ask for. Rachel was a very unexpected blessing but oh how grateful I am that the Lord allowed our paths to cross. Her quiet manners, her steadfast friendship, her listening ear, her laughter at the small things, her caring spirit for the underdog, and oh so much more.
Throuh her homegoing to Heaven, I have become even more aware of what life should be like in the light of Heaven. God has reminded me over and over again of many things I needed to think hard and long on. Is my light shining for Him every day? Do others see I do want to listen to them and encourage them or am I too busy with "my things" to bother to listen and encourage. Am I available to others? Can they call and know I care? Do I "snicker" at the small or big things that come my way? In other words, instead of getting up set and downhearted, learn to laugh and smile and thank God for those things!
Thanks, Rachel, for teaching me so many things about how our life for the Lord aught to be. These verses from Matthew 5:14 & 16 are the verses I have chosen to remember you and keep before me...Miss you greatly but forever grateful you trusted in the Lord as your personal Savior and chose to be a follower of our Lord.

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