Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Being" Is The Most Imortant Thing You Can Do!

Recently, I have been working my way through a very thought provoking booklet. It has hit topics like taking time for God and His Word, being a Mom your children need, being the wife you should be....all very convicting topics for sure.
This morning as I read through some things some pages and it dawned on me that the most important lesson I can learn in my Christian walk is "being" not "saying"! What do I mean by that? What if Jesus had only told us what we should be, how we should walk, when we should be "like Him" but never gave us a proper example as to how that is to be done? It is too easy to tell another what we "should be" in the eyes of the Lord...but do we "be" what we know we should be in the eyes of the Lord.
Being is the most important thing you can do! Let's stop being a hypocrite, especially to our children! It can be easier to tell about God's grace and mercy than reflecting God's grace and mercy to our children, to our husbands, to anyone we come in contact with.
How do I "be"? Glad you asked! Seek God and pursue Him with all your heart! Your heart will reflect where your priorities are! So, get in the Word. Ask Him to make Himself real to your heart. The more you study who God is, and chase after Him, the more you will find yourself becoming like Him!
So, take the challenge! Be that woman, that wife, that mother that God always intended you to be by pursuing Him with all your heart!