Friday, November 20, 2015

Been a bit since I have taken time to jot down some inner thoughts and reflections. When I look at the picture I have chosen of our six kids, I have to say this is probably one of my most favorite. No, they aren't all looking at the camera, or even trying very hard to get a nice picture together. But when I see this one, it makes my heart happy to see the beautiful lives God has put in our home, enjoying the fellowship of each other. Each personality is shown here to me!
Reminds me of how I want to be if God were to take a picture of me right now and post it for the world to see. Would it be a picture of inner joy flowing out because I have left my worries and cares with Him? Would I be happy to have every one see what my heart looks like? Would they see a clear view of what I believe God is to me personally?
I am currently leading a ladies Bible study in my home and right now we are working through Sally Clarkson's book "Own Your Life." It has been very thought provoking for me. Here is something to really thing about...."What might God do through my life, in the power of the Holy Spirit, if I were willing to dream big and believe in miracles? What might He accomplish through me if I would only throw off my cloak of worry and just enjoy the beauty, dance with the invisible music, and celebrate life?" How often to I miss His best in each day because my focus is on all my projects that need to be done, or I'm fretting and worrying  that money wont be there to cover all the many demands of living life? I believe God wants us to live beyond our daily grind and live in His grace of providing for a life that recognizes God for WHO He truly is. It's definitely humbling to look at my life through this lens! 
Take time today to laugh! Be care free with your kids for awhile! For me, I am going to look at the fun and laughter this picture of my kids portrays and take time to enjoy and be thankful for what I have in Christ!