Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Look well to the ways of (your) household." Prov. 31:27

Are you a weary lady who desires to do what's right? Very recently, I heard a very challenging message from Matthew 7:7-11. As I listened, it seemed as though the "eyes of my understanding" were being suddenly opened to what this verse can really mean to a struggling mother, a discouraged housewife, a sorrowful lady. I have always seen this verse as Asking God for some need or desire, seeking Him diligently, and knocking on His door for answers. And indeed this verse does say that! But let me share how my heart has been softened to the gentle touches of the Savior!
Look back at previous verses...also known as the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus has been teaching his followers what a life devoted to Him should look like.
  • (Ch. 5:1-22) He shows what the character of those who follow Him should be. 
  • (Verses 12-20) He then states we are to be different from the world .
  • (Verses 21-26) we are instructed to watch our temper. 
  • (Verses 27-30) tell us to be very careful of our thought life. 
  • (Verses 31-32) be sure you are a trustworthy spouse. 
  • (Verses 33-37) give warnings about our tongue. 
  • (Verses 38-42) watch how you treat others. 
  • (Verses 38-48) instructs us to take care of tensions in our lives Biblically. 
  • Chapter 6 has many warnings about not being a hypocrite in our Christian walk. 
Looking at all these different but very important issues, I think to myself "I can never be/not be all of this." EXACTLY where God wants me to be...I can't do it on my own. How gracious God is to not forget to tell us how to be the learning, changing, growing Christian we ought to be.
ASK - He promises to give you the strength to change what needs to be changed. That discouraged outlook on life...that hopelessness "I can never be what I should be"....that wrong attitude you struggle with. You cant change it on your own!
Seek - His direction...get into the Word. Write out verses to place in prominent spots so that when you find yourself slipping back into that wrong habit, or your anger is getting the best of you, that you have God's Word to help you get your focus back on the Lord.
Knock - He will ALWAYS answer. Luke 11:13 is a parallel to this passage in Matthew but Luke adds something special to it. "If he then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!" Without the Holy Spirit, I can't tame my tongue, or change my thoughts, or hunger after His righteousness!
"Look well to the ways of (Your) household" today and ASK God to give you energy and a vision to see your home as a mission field...your husband needs encouragement, your children need to see you depending on the Lord, your friend or neighbor needs that listening ear or word of encouragement.
Stay  in the trenches and claim this "Great is He that is IN YOU than he that is the world!" 


  1. Your reference to Luke 11:13 caught my eye. I have referenced that recently in my series of messages on the Holy Spirit as Jesus Coach and Confidant. The purpose of the series is to show that what the Spirit was to Jesus he wants to be to us. Jesus modeled the life of a person directed by God's Spirit. Methinks Luke's quote has reference to that relationship. We have the Spirit with regard to our position in Christ and our place in His Church. But he likes to be asked for when it comes to the daily unfolding of our lives. Thanks for encouraging my thoughts along these lines.

  2. Our Pastor preached an awesome message on these verses a couple of weeks ago. If you ever had the chance to listen to it, it was great. It is one of those messages you need to hear every so often. www.colonialindy.org - under sermons. It's entitled 'Ask, Seek, Knock" -2/19/12.